Alot of us don’t have the money to take a university class on how the body works and why Veganism is great for our health. Luckily with the internet there are ways to get free education, all you need to do is put in the time. This is my personal list of sites I use to educate myself more about Veganism and Science in general, completely for free.


This one is a bit obvious but often overlooked learning tool.  By searching for a generic term like “vegan diet benefits” you will get a long list of great information.  Because it is in video format it is really easy to digest and can be a relaxing activity done while eating a vegan meal or preparing for bed.

You can also start with this list of the best vegan youtube channels.

If you don’t know what to search for don’t worry, Youtube will show suggestions in the side bar of each video you are currently watching.  The suggestions uses an amazing algorithm and you will find out about all kinds of new topics that you have probably never even heard of.  This gets especially interesting if you are looking for fun recipes, you never know what tasty dish will pop up next.

All in all this a great learning tool that can replace most university courses if used properly.  And hey if you like watching Vegan videos don’t be shy, go try and make some content of your own!

Follow Health & Wellness Bloggers

You can find a whole bunch of vegan bloggers out there that will help give you guides on nutrition and lifestyle.  Each blogger has their own personality and unique voice that comes across in their writing.  Here are 5 of my favorite vegan blogs and some of their posts:

Yummy educational Coconuts

Khan Academy

The website khan academy has subjects on just about every topic under the sun.  From math, to finance, to science, and yes even veganism!  Under the biology course there is an entire lesson about how veganism can extend the life span of the average person by many years.  In addition I learned about some of the chemicals and compounds in meat and how they are much harder on our liver than a plant based diet is.

The courses also have a points and experience system that is really fun to use.  As soon as you master a course your khan academy pet grows in size and you can buy little trinkets to decorate it with.

Study Island For Math

If you need to brush up on some high school skills you can use sites like Study Island to do a quick refresher.  They have subjects like algebra, geometry, and calculus.  The best part is how it is gamified learning that hooks you in so you just want to keeping answering the questions, even for fun.  They have different themes about pirates and other adventure backgrounds.  At the end of each section there are quizzes and tests that you need to pass to progress.  Some sections i was already familiar with so i used Study Island answers to skip through them and save a bit of time.

I started using it recently for pre-calculus and was able to skip an entire semester of courses at school by taking the entrance exam.   So if you are planning on going back to school using a tool like this can help you save some money and time on classes you don’t need.  They also have other subjects like biology, chemistry, history, social studies, and  writing.