Vagina Tightening Exercises You Should Know About

If you just aren’t happy with the way you feel down below, especially when you are having sex, don’t feel like you are alone.Millions and millions of women around the world feel exactly the same way.

They just don’t know why they feel a lot looser than they want to, have no idea why they find themselves accidentally peeing when they laugh or sneeze, and are anything but thrilled with the fact that they aren’t enjoying sex as much as they could be or should be.

Thankfully though, it doesn’t take much to start tightening things up down below.

Use the tips and tricks that we highlight in this quick guide and really focus on the vagina tightening exercises we go over and before you know it you’ll be a whole lot happier with your lady bits – and the people that you are sleeping with will notice, too!

Kegel Exercises

Right out of the gate, you’re probably not going to find any exercises more highly recommended them Kegel exercises when you’re looking to tighten up your vagina.

These exercises have been specifically designed to do one thing and one thing only – focus on the muscles that support the pelvic floor of your body, contracting and then relaxing them to produce a much stronger and much tighter experience during sex than you would have had previously.

Almost stupidly simple to perform, all you really have to do to take advantage of these Kegel exercises is relaxed while focusing on contracting the muscles you use when you are trying to hold back your body from peeing.

The same muscles you activate then are going to be responsible for tightening up your vagina when you work them out. Flex and contract those muscles as intensely as you can for 10 solid seconds before relaxing or 10 seconds more, rinsing and repeating the process over and over for anywhere between three minutes and five minutes a day.

In a week you’ll feel tighter than a drum!

Back Bridge

For the back bridge, lay down on your back with your arms flat alongside your body. Then you want to bring your knees up to the sky, tucking your feet into your backside so that your heels are just about touching your bottom. Keep your heels flat on the floor, and then push your pelvis straight up into the air – arching your back as much as possible.

You really want your pelvic muscles to be the main “heavy lifters” here, so make sure your core and your legs are doing all the work. Pretend there’s a string attached to the top of your vagina and it’s pulling you towards the ceiling – using those muscle groups to move your body.

Leg Lifts

This is another stupidly simple trick for tightening things up with your lady bits.

Again, lay down on your back with your hands by your sides and then get yourself into the back bend position.

Instead of lifting your pelvis this time, though, instead raise one of your legs straight into the sky. You want to have it straight out above you (no bend at the knee), almost like you’re trying to push up against an invisible ceiling.  Here’s a visual guide on how to do it.

Bring the leg back down and repeat with your other leg, going through as many reps as you can in 5 minutes. You’ll be tighter in no time!