Does vinegar tighten your vagina?

You won’t meet a lady alive that isn’t at least a little bit nervous about their vagina getting loose over time, especially if they’re worried that their partner is going to notice before they do!

And while Father Time remains undefeated when it comes to this specific issue, plenty of women feel like they are getting looser and looser well before they start blowing out more candles on their cake them they can count – and that’s a problem.

A loose vagina can lead to low self-confidence, a lower sex drive, stress and anxiety, and even depression. If you’re self-conscious about your lady bits, you aren’t going to enjoy everything that sex brings to the table.

Doctors – particularly surgeons – promise the moon and the stars when it comes to modern medical interventions specifically designed to tighten things up down there. But who wants to go under the surgeon’s knife, particularly when they are talking about carving up something as precious and as important as your vagina.

On the flip side of things, all kinds of home remedies and all-natural solutions exist out there that also promise some pretty significant benefits when it comes time to tighten up. Unfortunately, a fair share of these solutions don’t just fail miserably at delivering on the promises that they make – but many of them also put your short and long-term health at risk.

Vinegar is one of those “solutions” that should be avoided.

You’ll find quite a bit of “research” online telling you that there may not be a more effective way to tighten up your vagina than by deliberately applying apple cider vinegar to your body, but all of these “research studies” are nothing more than total fabrications.

Sure, you’re going to feel like something is going on almost instantly upon application – but that’s the active bacteria and yeast in most cider vinegars reacting with the active bacteria and yeast that naturally lives in and around your vagina area.

Obviously, this isn’t exactly the kind of place where you want multiple forms of bacteria and yeast competing for dominance. That’s a pretty quick way to get yourself a UTI or worse, a full-blown yeast infection brought about entirely because you slathered yourself with apple cider vinegar.

On top of that, because of the acidic nature of this substance, you’re also screwing up the natural pH balance of your vaginal area. You’re not only going to cause quite a bit of pain, a fair share of irritation and itchiness, and run the risk of serious infection – but you’re also going to hate the way that you smell as well.

As a general rule, it’s a good idea to stay as far away from vinegar as you can when you’re thinking about douching things out down there. There are a whole bunch of other solutions that have been conclusively proven to work and benefit your vagina when you want to tighten things up a bit, and it’s a good idea to stick with those solutions rather than run the risks that vinegar brings to the table.